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Michigan Portrait Photography by Mary DuPrie

I love this image of Carly.  I haven’t shot her in forever.  Another background using mirrors.  These mirrors are road side find.  Just bi-fold doors, and the price was just right… free.  I love how mirrors give you a hair light and rim light in one.  Using my 85 1.2 there is always an image to be had in the studio no matter where or what.


I need simple packages that are easy to understand and designed with  with some pizzazz.  I don’t want to just type out info and prices.  I need some branding.  So this weekends the weekends.  I’m thinking three glamour packages and three portrait packages for a start.  I have InDesign (haven’t peeked at it yet) now and think maybe that’s what I need to use, I’m not sure.  I’m a member of Scott Kelby On Line Training and I’ll have to look into it.

Perhaps you could help a girl out, if you know of any nicely designed pricing literature a link would be nice.

I’ve been spending so much time on my computer that I’ve redone my office.   I’ve moved a shelving unit out and replaced it with a treadmill.  The treadmill looks out at a beautiful little lake with lots going on to keep my interest.


My one bad habit is having the TV on all day while I’m working on my computer.  The worst habit of all is watching, well more like just listening to the following…

  • Hoarders  (like a bloody car accident you can’t look away from)
  • Hell’s Kitchen (Gordon Ramsey is my hero)
  • Project Runway (I can’t believe they can make a show out of sewing)
  • Housewifes of DC (The Salahi’s are out of their frickin minds)
  • Housewifes of Beverly Hills (I love their house’s, and the housewife with the British accent)
  • Housewifes of Atlanta ( I’m transfixed by Kim’s wig, white trash with money is a dangerous mix)

I think I’m cleaning more now because of hoarders… I’m not cooking, sewing or getting married anytime soon though.

I’m getting lots of inquires from Google search but I think my big stumbling block is my pricing, it’s lack luster.  My percentage of bookings to inquires is low.

Needing some help…

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1 xlphotog October 23, 2010 at 10:30 am

One question: who are you marketing to? Models? Modeling agencies? Moms of wanna be models and/or stars? Attractive people with more money than God who need to get their ego- fix? I would think once you have determined what your primary market is, then you can come up with a pricing to fit that market’s needs.
Oh yes, and one more thing…..turn off your tv. You are polluting your brain with senseless s**t. Listen to music. It will soothe your soul.


2 Mary DuPrie October 23, 2010 at 11:33 pm

I have my modeling prices down. What I’m looking for is portrait and glamour pricing. But more than pricing the layout and design is more what i’m looking for. How is the pricing presented.

Yes, tv is polluting me. i listen to music too but i have to admit i get bored of it after awhile. i need some human talk, even if it’s garbage.


3 Scot Orser October 23, 2010 at 8:34 am

I’m just going to take a stab here and assume you’re working with models and you want to sell prints.. All sittings include make-up and hair styling?

1. A hour and a half sitting on a 1gb card. One outfit one look (1 background).
Includes 2 9x12s, a close-up and a medium shot for his or her book.

2. 2 and half hour sitting on 2 1 gb cards. 1-2 outfits, 2-3 looks (backgrounds).
Includes 4 9x12s

3. 3 hours plus sitting on 3 1gb cards. 3 outfits and 4 looks
Includes 6 9x12s

4. All day- the full option
Includes 100 double sided comp-cards, 7 9x12s, (insert some kind of getting a gig in the modeling biz here)

5. Multi-day multi-person production

Extra retouched 9×12 are $200

Again these are just guesses. Add 2 or 3 hundred to each tier if you’re uncomfortable with the amount of work vs compensation. I really think $449 is low for you, but its to get people in the door. All are suggestions anyway. 🙂

But thats all for now, taking the kids to a magic show at meadowbrook hall this morning!


4 Mary DuPrie October 23, 2010 at 11:34 pm

i wish… the market doesn’t seem to bear it


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