Branding Is Oh So Hard

Michigan Boudoir Photography by Mary DuPrie

Branding is by far the hardest thing I’ve had to do.  I could pay someone to do it and be done with it,  but I just can’t.  First of all I don’t have the money and secondly I would want endless revisions.  I need branding for my glamour.  I notice glamour has to be it’s own entity to really book it on a continuous basis.  It’s not enough to just have a few glamour images on my website.  You need all the pizazz that goes with it.

I’ve been doing lots of digging and spent some time on InDesign today.  I’ve decided my first task is to make my master and work from there.  What are my colors going to be, the look and feel.  I’ve had to do my website fairly clean and simple because I don’t want to turn off any commercial clients, but with glamour, the more the better.  Lot’s of design looks good… and I love design.  I just don’t know how to do  it myself, at least not at the level of a design pro.  I’m looking to do a modern clean french look, without looking too trendy.  Lot’s of digging into free Photoshop brushes and textures.

Doing this blog took tons of time just to get the colors and the right banner.  I’m glad I did it myself.  I tried using a designer in the past and it just wasn’t for me.  I would finally have to accept it without being really happy.

Glamour branding  doesn’t go with kids or baby photography, which needs a whole new look and info.  I’m hoping to design something that could be toned down to use for both… I’m chipping away at it.

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1 Connie Mosier October 25, 2010 at 10:30 pm

Hi Mary, met you at Bay Harbor for the Esentials for Women seminar. Also, enjoyed your session for PPM and have been following your blog ever since. Just read about your quest for colors for a new blog/webiste for glamour, check out the PANTONE website for color forecasts. I also have a great book by Pantone called Color: Messages and Meanings, I think you will find it inspirational.


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