All Kinds Of Drooling Going On

Detroit Michigan Baby Photography by Mary DuPrie.

I took this image back in July 04.  I can’t remember her name (yes she looks like a boy) what a cutie.  I owned one large soft box back then and that was it.  I had no idea what I was doing, just faking it till I make it kinda thing.  I put a black knit top on her mom and she was just looking over her shoulder.  This was all testing.  Running into people and asking it they would sit for me while I practiced.  I never got to the point of charging back then.  I kind of drifted away from shooting kids.  I’m not really sure why as I always enjoyed it.

I didn’t even understand what great windows my studio had.  I first rented the studio as a cabinet shop, not a portrait studio, so I never really thought about the windows… duhh

I watched a couple of hours of  Scott Kelby online training today of InDesign.  Terry White was the instructor and it seemed interesting.  Definitely something good to know for designing brochures and layouts.  I put my lawn chair in the office with a blanket and pillow and just watched the whole thing.  I don’t try and set any preferences and work on anything, I just watch.  Tomorrow I’ll get an image out and start watching it all over again.  I’m not sure why but watching training always puts me to sleep.  Two hours of watching and I’m sleeping, literally.  Maybe because I’m so far away from the screen.

I needed to get some exercise so I thought I would head over the mall area, inside and outside stores.   Tons of stores spread out and instead of driving to all the stores I decided to walk.  The fall here in Michigan has been gorgeous.  Home Goods is top on my list of stores for accessories.  I have to say I found a ton of large oversize mirrors at Value City Furniture which really surprised me.   Great prices but too huge to move around the studio.

I was looking around for a soft fluffy throw to photograph Tammy’s new baby Sienna Grace.  Well it got me thinking… why don’t I shoot babies?  I have in the past.  I love babies.  I have great window light.  Their teeny weeny and I love the way they drool.  A great happy kind of drool.  Maybe I should?  I love to style and it seems that baby photography has a lot of styling going on, and don’t forget the kids.

Ahhh… and then she feel asleep

I’m working on portrait pricing and they would somewhat fall into that category.   My biggest reason is the fear of buying every cute item out there to photograph them!!!  I think it would trigger my obsessive shopping gene.  A problem I put to rest a few years back.  It’s really put to rest now because I don’t have any money!

I love shopping for accessories, all kinds of accessories.  I need to get rid of stuff, not add.  I have actually given away a lot of my kids stuff.  Really cute stuff too.  I knew I would regret it, even while I was doing it.

I need to rethink how I’m going to use my studio and kid proof it… good luck with that.

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