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Detroit Michigan Lingerie Photography by Mary DuPrie

My problem is that I can hole up in my office for hours on end.  My chair is comfy, I have trashy TV, Pandora radio and Cashoo keeps me company.  It’s cold outside so I have a good excuse to while away the hours here at my computer.  I never imagined I would be spending so much time holed up in here.  I didn’t sign up for this!  It’s just evolved.  I’m not sure I’m even a photographer anymore.  It’s just something a do once in awhile.

I’m pretty sure I could name all the TV housewives from every city… now that’s a sad state of affairs.   They are painfully entertaining. I don’t know the name of my next door neighbor or the neighbors across the street, but I know TV housewife Lisa from Beverly Hills.

I was working on my flip book today using the trial version except it kept crashing.  You get 30 downloads and almost all were taken with crashes.  I’m not that crazy about their software but I thought if I purchased it,  it might stop crashing.  Ummm, not sure that makes sense.  Seems to work now though.

I’ve kinda put InDesign on the back burner for now and I’ve decided to just use Photoshop for my flip book.  Because of all my problems yesterday I’ve found out how to put a text frame in PS so it’s edible in the future.  For some reason I couldn’t copy and paste from my word document.  Once I copied and pasted it into a text document it seemed to work.  News to me!  I’m not printing anything so this approach should be fine.  It’s just a small web book 800 x 518 pixels.  I’ve posted a page up above.  I keep changing it so this is just the latest version.  Designing my literature takes me back to my painting days, just in a different format.  It’s very relaxing and aggravating at the same time.

I’ll tell you I think the best asset a photographer can have is other photographers, web designers, graphic designers and IT friends!  Forums and associations are a big help too if you avail yourself to them.  Being able to Skype with someone is even better, it’s my “go to way” of communicating with the outside world.

I have so much crap on my computer it’s actually overwhelming.  The amount of time I spend just cleaning it up is unbelievable.  Things I download and plan to get to  later.  I’m a collector but only on my computer.  If everything on my computer was on paper someone would have to report me to my other TV guilty pleasure… Hoarders!

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1 Birmingham Lash Extensions March 15, 2012 at 9:16 pm

It’s amazing how much work goes in behind the scenes!


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