Did I Forget Something?

Model Photography Workshops by Mary DuPrie

Hummm… oppps, do I have black underwear on?  Well, yes you do Karolina.  The devil is in the detail.  A nude thong would of been “ohh la la” so much better.  Live and learn folks.  It never ever ends… as in ever.

My workshops for 2010 are sadly over.  They’re always a lot of work but I learn so much.  Oh, did I say I learn so much.  Well yes.  It’s a co-operative atmosphere.  A participant’s input is always encouraged.  Having lots of extra hands allows us to set up sets I might not otherwise do.  Sets that kick our ass.  I’m tired.  NightMain light is a 5ft octa minus diffusion.  Fill is an 6ft octa at the back of the room.  Two large strip, grids only for rim.  Two white shoot throughs for the background.  While Plexi for the floor.  Black 4x8s for flair.

Main metered at 6.3 200 iso 200.  Fill is 1/2 stop less than main.  Background 2/3 stops over main.  I don’t have a regular formula for my high key set up.  I just keep changin it up.  Love love the octa minus the diffusion for my main lately though.  Just enough pop for me.

Thanks so much everyone for all your hard work.

Heidi, Tim, Andi, Karolina, Tammy, Dan, Erick, Mom and cashoo


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