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I was at Michigan’s most exclusive mall today, Somerset,  and while on the third floor escalator I peered down and noticed an elderly lady shuffling with her cane on the main floor.   The thing that struck me was she was alone.

So I’m standing in the AT&T store doing my best to win my case.  On the way over in the car I’m running the scenario through my mind.  I had the managers name and was going to be calm and collected, he was expecting me.  The only flack was now my bill was in collections, I just hadn’t gotten around to taking care of it.   Man oh man they don’t fuck around!

Well I stated my case calmly and coolly and reminded him the Apple store had sent me.  (The whole crying in the store episode)  The next step was to wait and wait and wait, standing and standing, no chairs anywhere in the store.  I look up and notice the elderly lady walk up to the counter thinking she must be coming in for directions to another store, poor dear.  (It took a long time to get there from when I saw her).

She loudly announces, “I forgot my password”.  OMG, and I thought “my” salesperson had his hands full.  Well a nice young man stepped up to help, seems he knew her.  She was obviously hard of hearing and everything had to be shouted out and everyone in the store could hear all their conversations.  One of the questions was her year of birth.  1920!  I had to do the math… 91.

She whipped out her brand new Mac laptop on the counter… she had good taste.  Well they got her password, she thanked everyone and left, cane in hand.  I have to admit I wanted to adopt her, walk her to her car, follow her home and set her up on Skype so she could see and hear her loved ones.

The salespeople say she’s been coming in for the last two years.   The only problem she seems to have is her hearing, but I still can’t see her driving!  There were six salespeople on the floor and a mysterious manager in the back room. There was myself and  one other customer in the store so I was fully expecting someone to ask her if she needed any help to her car ect.  Nope.

So if you think we have it hard navigating the www imagine the ordeal she had to go through just to retrieve a forgotten password… for some reason I can’t stop thinking of her, thinking of the family and friends she so dearly wants to keep in touch with through her emails.

I know you’re going to think my next statement is going to be severe, but it was such a David and Goliath, Big Brother ordeal that left me angry and mad.  It wasn’t taken care of today and I have to call back on thursday.  I can see why things like this can eat at certain people.  Treatment  like I experienced are triggers to certain individuals and one day I see an irate customer taking things into their own hands with terrible results.  News at 11.

I know in the scheme of things this is insignificant… but I truly felt robbed, paying and then being penalized for a service that I did not receive.

I cringe each and every time I now see and hear AT&Ts advertisements… they advertise themselves to be the fastest,  but they sure aren’t the best…  I would rather be the best.


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1 detroit headshot photographer January 31, 2011 at 4:35 pm

this is a test, this is only a test!


2 Andrew January 11, 2011 at 9:15 am

At CES there were some very interesting devices that T-Mobile and Verizon will support. Didn’t hear much about AT&T. I’m stuck on AT&T right now, but am seriously thinking about just paying the break-the-contract fee and getting over to Verizon when these new devices really appear. In the grand scheme, I think that all of these companies are horrible to deal with. If you are lucky, there is a great rep that solves problems for you, but when the front-end isn’t able to just make it all go away, the underlying corporation is a dark hole.


3 Anonymous January 11, 2011 at 4:30 pm

AT&T is def a big black hole…. Verizon for the IPhone is right around the corner! They predict 2 1/2 million people will switch over!


4 Stephanie January 11, 2011 at 7:58 am

Mary, so sorry you are still having a problem with the phone. Whenever you can get out of AT&T contract, you will love Verizon.

Thanks for your early morning posts, first thing I open 🙂


5 Anonymous January 11, 2011 at 4:28 pm

ahhh, I’ve already switched over to Verizon with no problems at all. Verizons been great!


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