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The dust has to settle on projects before I can wrap my brain around something new.  I do a lot of surfing on the net and run into interesting bits and pieces.  I drag and drop them on my desktop (never got use to bookmarking, I’m not really sure why) if I don’t have time to look them over and if I want to keep them for future reference.  Finding it later is another story.

I don’t really have much to post on Facebook or twitter so I thought I would post the tidbits from my blog posts… hummm.  Maybe I should start posting images from shoots too?

I spent an hour or so poking around  HootSuite.    I was told HootSuite has statistics, huh?  Where are they and why would I need them?  Come to find out there’s a whole menu when you click on the owl!  What!?  Why the heck is it so hidden?  I would of never clicked on the owl, what’s up with that.  A user interface that is not obvious doesn’t win brownie points with me.

I have not totally wrapped my brain around marketing on Facebook yet.  Remember MySpace!?  I figure if my clients post my images on THEIR Facebook page that would be enough.  Why do I have to do additional work?  Am I not thinking this all the way through?  What should I do with Social Media?

Detroit Michigan Lifestyle Photographers Mary DuPrie


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1 Andrew February 8, 2011 at 9:38 am

Mary, two suggestions from someone who gets it but hasn’t started the business to implement it.
First, check out http://www.bazaarvoice.com/, and there is a blog. These guys are all about social media. Second, there was a presentation at Imaging by Hudson’s Photography (I think they are up in your neck of the woods) about using social media. You may be able to discern some of what they do from their FB and Web pages. They are pretty sophisticated and analytic about what they do. [Not that they are the best or have a lock on best practices…]


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