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Detroit Michigan Lifestyle Photographers Mary DuPrie

The image above was from a shoot I did for Greek Town Casino a couple of years ago.  I shot different images they could use for different holidays and occasions.  I ran across this image and wondered if it ever got used for football promotions.

I ran into a garage sale a few years back that had tons of vintage sports equipment and I couldn’t resist.  The prices were dirt cheap and I think I paid a dollar for this football.  I picked up some vintage boxing gear and I’m waiting for the perfect model to shoot it with.  I have tons of stuff at the studio but the trick is finding it when you want it!  Everything I own is in clear containers… the only way to go.

I’m torn.  Bragging about SEO is hard.  It’s a weird thing, I don’t want my local competitors to know what I’m up to, so I’ve kept a lid on it as of late.  A couple of years ago I literally thought Search Engine Optimization referred to making your web site “pretty”.  When I listened to it the first time I totally zoned out, what a snooze fest.

I hope you get into it… but to my local competitors… not so much.

I did a Google search yesterday and I was on page One 5 times!  A record.  I’m trying for six!

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