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My personality is to overdue it… and then crash, really really crash.  No staying power it would seem.  I like the quest.  Once I learn it… I’m bored.  Switched off

I have to say photography does offer lots of things to learn.  Good and bad I guess.  Take this little fad called Facebook.  Ok, well maybe it’s here to stay.

I prioritize things as I’m sure you do in that when it’s time it’s time.  Well it’s Facebook time.  What got me started again was going to a SAG/AFTRA local event the other night, people saying good night then adding… facebook me.

That night people did friend me on Facebook and it was a nice quick way to get some insight into who I was talking to that evening.  I saw people having Thanksgiving dinner with the family, the inside of their homes and other tidbits into their lives, it was actually kind of nice.  A small picture window into their lives.

The event was a social get together for local actors.  I actually thought my local modeling agency was putting it on so I went.  Once I got there I found out it was actually a SAG sponsored pizza party.  I thought oh well I’ll hang around.  It was actually a good thing and I passed out several business cards, made some valuable contacts, learned some pricing of others.  I’ve since picked up a paying shoot and retouched an image an actor needed retouched (as a favor).

That whole group of working actors really network and refer within that group.  A few actors actually already knew my work and referred me to others at the party.  Some actually tracked people down and brought them over to me and said, “You have to have Mary take your new headshot”.  I do find if you really want to shoot headshots you have to have someone out there referring you.  An agency, actors workshop, voice coach ect…

Facebook was developed for dating and socializing originally and I don’t really have any personal pics on my site.  What’s confusing is that you have to do your business as a “page”.  The problem is I don’t know how to steer people to that page, Mary DuPrie Studios.

What do I do?  I know people have to “like” it.  How do they see it to even be able to like it?  I’ve spent quite a bit of time on Facebook and I have to say it’s a bit confusing.

I don’t want my personal profile to get kicked off.  I know of two people who have gotten thrown off.  They were using their profiles for business I guess.  Can I share or tag pictures that I see clients posting into my profile (mary duprie) ?

I do see the value of utilizing Facebook, but want to optimize my time and effort on it.   Who’s facebook savy out there!?

Give us some tips

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1 Les Howard May 17, 2011 at 1:34 am

Hi, Mary. It seems some people are calmly sailing the vast seas of social media while most of us are drowning in confusion.

A few months ago I found a blog written by Kristen Lamb specifically for writers and novelists. Kristen has done several different series on how to use social media effectively and also written a couple of books. Her current series ‘Twitter Tuesdays’ is up to week 15. She has other series on self-branding, blogging and Facebook has also been mentioned. You can check it out at and look over some of her archives. She generates a lot of discussion and the comments are often as valuable as the original posts. There is also a lot of ongoing discussion on the craft of writing which you can safely ignore although I enjoy those discussions as well.

I have an email subscription to her blog and there’s a link on the right side of her blog page where you can sign up if you wish.

Good luck.
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2 antonio toscano May 14, 2011 at 6:33 am

Mary you are quite right, two years ago, I started to use facebook for my daughters, it was a good way to attract customers, I started to add friends especially friends photographers, models, actors and actresses who had contact with them long ago, my work increases without leaving home, client after client I was adding, today near the 5000 contacts I can tell you that I have more than 500 notifications per day, I get about 15 job offers each day, I wrote notes about modeling, about events of xv’s that are customary in my country and I have hundreds of girls and boys fans of my page, come from a radius of 100 km. to hire my services, and have tried to improve my shots to cover the demand for talent is needed in the area, believe it or not you have been an important part of my inspiration and although I lack the resources, since my area is poor, your little blogs and videos are always present in my shots, in my notes. modeling when I talk to the girls talk about your videos, you mention quite as one of the best photographs I’ve had the pleasure of knowing his work although I have not had the pleasure to meet you and I hope someday to do it in person and take one of your great courses.

someday I hope you consider me your friend and although we know so far that you have someone you esteem. many greetings and as I said in my publication Happy Birthday on your wall late and you meet many, many more years.
sorry my bad english


3 Paris Carter May 14, 2011 at 5:36 am

Good move. Facebook is definitely how to reach a lot of people. Here are a few quick ways to spread the word: Go to your biz page & click “suggest to friends” (on the right side). It doesn’t allow you to select all, but you can manually click all your friends and they’ll be able to easily accept & “like” the page. Also “share”, which I did for you on my personal and business page. It posts a link to your biz page on my walls. You can post a status kindly asking your friends to do the same. Some will, some won’t;). FB allows you to create ads as well, but of course they’re not free. I haven’t done this so I’m not sure how cost effective it is, but a friend did it on a different type of business & generated 20,000 fans in a month. Keep us posted, I’ll go on this journey with you-I need to make more efforts to spread the word of my biz on fb as well.


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