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I found a new hair dresser and I’m in lady bliss.  Men have no idea how women really feel about their hair.  It’s expensive to have it done at a nice salon and it’s painful to pay for something we don’t like.

Tammy and I found Jessee at Posh Salon in Novi from a client.  We loved her hair color and wanted a change.  I’ve been to hairdressers in the past and the problem is we don’t know the lingo.  I ask for something and they say it can’t be done.  The problem is I know it can be done, it almost feels combative.  It’s uncomfortable to say the least.

Having your new headshot done is very much like going to a new hairdresser.  You might have to pay for something you hate!  Weren’t  they listening to me, what were they thinking?  Didn’t I make myself clear!?  uggg

Well clients don’t know our lingo either

  • Oh, I’m going to use lots of flair
  • I’m going to burn that
  • I’ll brightened that in post
  • The TV’s  just for viewing, it’s not accurate
  • I’m going to shoot high
  • I’ll over exposure it to clear up your skin
  • I’ll strobe the background so it’s brighter
  • blah blah blah

Sonja is what we call an “Influencer”.  Sonja knows everyone around town, puts on workshops for SAG and AFTRA and is connected to the local theater scene.  To make money at headshots you need to shoot a lot of them and become efficient.  Unfortunately I’m not very efficient but I’m working on it.  Everything I do is custom and I try not to duplicate setups, so I take longer than most.  I think in the end it pays off though.

The look is more model looking now, just out of focus backgrounds.  No muslins or canvas backgrounds, nothing you would use for a high school senior.

You don’t make much money shooting portraits/headshots but if you’re recommended by an “Influencer” it can definitely help.

Detroit Michigan Executive Head shot Photographers Mary DuPrie

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