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So my Ian Brown story goes something like this…  (short version)

I received an email a couple of weeks ago asking for pricing on an Author Headshot Session from an Ian Brown.  As normal I  Google someone before sending them my info.  I found Ian Brown no problem at all.  Seems he is a well respected, much published full time author… the real deal.  I noticed he just wrote a book about taking care of his severely handicapped son.  His son has a rare disorder, about 300 cases world wide.

After seeing video clips and reading in depth about him I thought I would  gift him a studio session.   The only thing I asked (through email) is that if possible, a photo credit. His response… Mary, you’re the coolest.   Hummm, kind of an odd response coming from a 57 year old author.  Nugget filed.

I booked it for 2pm last Sunday, sent directions and pictures of the building because the studio is very hard to find.  Sunday comes, 2:00 pm and I have a voice mail; lost.  Hummm, very young voice.  Nugget filed.

Ian finally pulls in and hops out of his car, he looks all of 18 years old.  Yep… Ian Brown, but not THE Ian Brown.  I just laughed.  I asked where his wardrobe was (figuring he could afford some, since the shoot was free) he said right here, and held up two wrinkled t-shirts in his fist.  Had to laugh again.

I decide in the parking lot to never tell  him why I offered him a free shoot… a delicious secret, of which I can keep none.  Do not tell me any secrets people… they are not safe with me, there I said it.

He is wearing an oversize brown cardigan with holes in it and a beige hooding underneath… a big sloppy mess.  I tell him not to worry (not that he was for a second) that I had plenty of wardrobe for him.  I pull it all out and tell him to pick whatever he wants.  I’m watching him and chatting getting to know him and it’s funny the more I watched him the more I realized his clothes fit “him” perfect.  I called him “a glorious hot mess”, kind of a Seattle Poet thing going on.  He looked like he’d never seen sunshine a day in his life.

As photographers we are “questioners”.  Where do you live?  What do you do there?  Why are you in Detroit for the summer?  What do you do here?  Where did you grow up?  What do your parents do?  On and on and on.  When a client leaves I know tons about them.

Ian was home from Manhattan for the summer because it’s too expensive to live there for the summer.  Mom’s an artist, Dad works for CBS, Ian bites his nails, teaches yoga in Royal Oak… on and on.  Come to find out Ian IS a poet.  He’s got that art school look goin on.

After observing him for awhile his clothes magically transformed to “perfect”.  I realized his big baggy holey sweaters were perfect, they were “Ian”.  We had fun for the afternoon and I got some great “Ian” shots wearing the clothes he showed up in.

He did ask why I gave him a free shoot,  asked if I needed Author practice.  I laughed and said no, I didn’t need Author practice.

He still doesn’t know… I won’t tell him if you won’t.

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2 Gary June 27, 2011 at 8:25 am

Mary, that is a great story…but I heard he is joining your meetup group:) I guess that means you will tell him at the end of the day.


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