Custom Painted Photography Background Workshop… long overdue

Custom Painted Photography Workshops by Mary DuPrie

So it looks like I’m too busy to post… not true.  Just lazy and making excuses.  I’m as busy as I want to be.  I can find great excuses and crummy excuses, they’re easy to come up with.  It seems others let me off the hook and when I disagree and say I have time they are surprised.  You make time for what you “want” to do.

It’s easy to start new projects and that’s my fav… once the long haul starts it gets a bit too much like work for me and I move on.  I have spent a ton of time lately redoing the studio… and I mean a ton of time.  It’s been totally reworked to make more room for a brand new workshop.  The studio looks better than ever.

Folks have been asking me for a custom background workshop for years but it seemed impossible to squeeze that into the studio for the amount of attendees I would need to make it worth it.  Well I went and did it.

I’m offering three different types of workshop… everything from a three hour Saturday intensive to a two and a half day full on immersion weekend.

The workshop page is a first draft… please feel free to leave any input and suggestions.  Custom Painted Background Photography Workshops

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