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Allison was in town recently and shot me an email she had a couple of days open on her calendar.   She flys in from LA to do TV spots for the Detroit Tigers.  She is originally from Detroit and was working in LA when someone on a job noticed she had a Michigan area code.  Small world.

Allison is a natural beauty.  She does her own hair and makeup and does a great job.  I notice when she comes in she always wants me to do her a bit more edgy and sexy with wet hair.  I tend to do her soft and pretty, but she presses on.  I’m glad to give in for the last look… who wouldn’t.

I bought a Paul Buff ring light last year which I’ve been very happy with.  I use it as my go to light outdoors.  Their accessories are cheap enough to try so I’ve had my eye on their 30″ Moon Unit.  I think it runs about 70 buckaroonies.  It’s a bit hard to put together but I don’t plan on taking it apart any time soon.  It’s small enough to just throw into the back of my SUV.

I shot this with and moon unit and it’s kinda strange because you’re totally hidden from the subject.  It’s easy and not easy to use at the same time.  It definitely has it’s use and I can see it being over used too.  I’ve shot using it off camera, so to speak, and also with my lens through it.  I think it would be great for a tiny studio too and I love how low you can power down the ring light.

I consider myself proficient at Photoshop but no expert and I find it very difficult to blend tan lines around the upper leg area.   Shine up the model with some kind of oil, pretty much any  kind will do.  Using a ring light really highlights and catches the sheen but makes it difficult to successfully clone in areas.

I made this custom 8’x8′  canvas background a couple of weeks ago that just happened to match her skin tone.  I stapled it to my wall, left about a 4″ return on the floor, then laid a sheet of black laminate down.   It’s a great way to fake a wall and floor.  I simply peel it off the wall and pop out the staples when I’m tired of it.  I roll it up on cheap plastic pipe from Home DePot, about $3.

Allison has her left leg (camera right) leg up on a 7″ platform to lengthen out her leg.  It’s a great technique and I use it all the time.  Allison is only 5’5″ and curvy, so this technique makes her a bit more fashion looking.

Always something new going on…

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1 Michigan NovaLash January 29, 2012 at 10:24 pm

I love this shot, Mary. Allison looks so different with the wet hair and glamourous makeup!


2 Chuck S June 30, 2011 at 8:52 am


I love the background, you should do a post on how this is created and the types of painting techniques involved.


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