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Detroit Michigan Modeling Portfolio Photographers.  I generally start a session by asking which side of the face the client tends to favor.  Women generally know and tell you, men say they don’t know.  If they don’t know I’ll look at how they part their hair which “might” give me a clue.  Women tend to model on the side they part their hair.  Men on the other hand are all over the place.  If  the man has a high forward I’ll go towards the opposite side of the part to give a fuller look to the hair.   I find the majority of people part their hair on the left side, perhaps because most people are right handed?

If I have a shoot with lots of people to do, what would the best side to put my main light on… humm, good question.  If most of the clients are women I would put the main light camera right because of the ladies hair part.  If most of the clients will be men I would put my main light camera left, for short lighting on the face.

If I’m shooting a women for a headshot and she says she doesn’t know, it will probably be a tough shoot.  If you’re planning on becoming a model or actor I would hope you would know your face well enough to have an opinion.

I am surprised how many clients have never realized how asymmetrical their faces are.  One eye bigger than the other and the mouth crooked and more open on one side.  I find the big eye is usually on the same side as the larger mouth opening.  Clients are often bummed and shocked how uneven their faces are.

For actors headshots I want the image straight on, not an easy feat to accomplish, clients keep pulling their faces to the side… to the side… to the side… to the side… just shoot me now… and I mean me not them.

Straight on… nose to the Camera, perhaps a slight head tip… pretty please.

Unless you’re a man or I want to disguise something I need the image straight on for the agencies.  Model Joe above has one of the most symmetrical faces around and I love shooting him straight on, not always flattering for men but great for him.

Detroit Michigan Modeling Portfolio Photographers



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