Detroit Michigan Beauty Photographers

Detroit Michigan Beauty Photographers Mary DuPrie

Detroit Michigan Beauty Photographers.  Having lots of photographers at the studio gives me insights to what beginners have problems with.  I shoot Canon so when someone has a problem with another brand it can trip me up a bit.  A couple of weeks ago I was testing with a hairdresser that brought his camera along and sat down with him to go over his settings.  The first problem that popped up was he was using all of his focus points, so whatever and wherever the camera locked was in focus.   He didn’t know you could choose just one point and didn’t’ know how to change it… neither did I.

It surprises me how many photographers don’t keep their manuals in their camera bags.  Choosing your focusing points is a BIG DEAL and knowing how, when and why is critical.

I stumbled on to a few Canon video tutorials that are great, all on Canon focus that are well worth the watch.  I also saw they had a two minute video on Canon custom functions, I thought, oh, I’ll watch that first, it’s only two minutes.  Wrong!  I misread it and it was two hours.  I watched the entire video and thought it was very helpful.  The next day I sat down with my camera to change a few custom functions and to look at my focus lock button.  I definitely see why and when the focus lock button would be useful.

I have the Canon 1d mk3… I didn’t even know the thing had live view or a mic.  I’m still confused about a few things but we never stop learning.  The technology built into the new cameras is staggering and a bit intimidating.

Canon Custom Features Video

Once you click on this link you’ll see the three Canon Auto Focus videos.  The videos on average are 30 minutes each all worth watching.

Detroit Michigan Fashion Photographers Mary DuPrie

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