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Michigan Headshot Photogrphers

Metro Detroit Michigan Headshot Photographers

It’s hard to explain to clients that I “could” make them look better but I won’t.  Why?  Because it’s a headshot session not a portrait session.  There is a distinct difference between the two.  A headshot has to show off the true architecture of your face. Pulling your face off camera might make your nose look better and your face look wider.. but that’s not the purpose of a headshot session.  Hey, they could be looking for someone just like you!

Television does not have Photoshop.  You do not get to choose what angle you’ll be shot.  The producer will not ask what side you like better.  They will not whiten your teeth or pluck out those bushy eyebrows and nose hairs you should of attended to before the shoot.  They don’t care what color you look best in… well you see the theme here.

What they want is a “STRAIGHT ON”  shot of your face.  I will let a man turn a wee bit, but that’s it.

These are not images for your Mom or girlfriend/boyfriend, they are not dating images… these are working images for casting directors to do a job.  Show them your knowledgeable about the business and give them what “they” want.

I do retouch but it’s strategically and meticulously done, especially for men… it must maintain it’s roughness.   Global skin smoothing is generally not the way to go… it can turn an image into a “high school senior” pic.  Head shots have a job to do… work.


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