Detroit Michigan Childrens Photographers

Detroit Michigan Children’s Photographers Mary DuPrie

Detroit Michigan Childrens Photographers.  I had a previous client email me this week saying she took her daughter to another studio for a modeling workshop.  Her daughter is 12  and has only been to my studio for her first time shoot.  They had no idea how unusual my studio is compared to others.  It’s bright, fun, creative, clean and expensive looking.

She mentioned that the instructor did nothing that was unprofessional per se  but that the studio was dark and dirty with nude photos on the wall as well as inappropriate books laying around.  Lot’s of older men in a small, dark, unkempt studio  doesn’t seem  a good match for a 12 year old.   The only thing wrong was inviting a 12 year old to model at the workshop.  I asked how they ended up there… through Facebook.

My studio is a light and airy loft space with 100ft of large windows and I don’t darken it when I’m shooting new models.  Clients walk away with this in mind and think most model studios will be along the same lines.  Old time portrait studios usually have small dark rooms.  Newer studios are trying to incorporate windows if they can.

Most “portrait” studios are small and dark and that is normal for that industry.  One reason is retail space is expensive and shooting in a dark room with strobes allows the photographer to see what they will be getting.  The front of the space has windows but that is the waiting/reception area.  The back of the space has no windows with small shooting rooms typically.

I had never invited her to one of my Saturday night MeetUps because I felt she would be uncomfortable.  Perhaps in the future once she had a few shoots under her belt.

So why didn’t the Mom leave… just say “I don’t think this is going to work out.”  How can young models speak up when Mom’s  can’t muster up the words “we’re outta here.”

Is your studio cool and hip to a 12 year old… tons of stuff to look at, junk food galore.    I had a thank you yesterday from a parent with this quote ‘Mary has the coolest studio and snacks!’!!!

There is a fine line of what is and isn’t appropriate for this age group.  Call around, get referrals and input from others, make sure it’s a good match for your child.

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