Party Store Finds

Yesterday I wrote about snippets, just bits of information needed to suggest something.  Lauren has a fabulous face and I love to shoot her straight on.  The agencies love this shot because it really shows her face to potential clients.  Makeup artists want to test with her because she has  great lids for eyeshadow and of course fabulous lips.

The snippet here is the raffia hanging down to represent a sort of thatch you would find in warmer climates.  The raffia is actually two child’s hula skirts from the party store stapled to a dowel.  I have it clamped into an extension arm.   Extension arms are a must in a studio for holding up all kinds of things.

It can be a tough shot to get because the hand has to be just right and not interfere with the face.  For a new model it can be a challenge.

I’ve used two spiderlites TD5 and a tri-flector for the face.  One strobe on the green background and a straw gel strobe shooting thru the palm.  Gelling strobes when shooting through plants gives  a nice saturation to the colors…just sayin

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