Once in awhile I just have to post some gratuitous sex…todays the day.

One of my fav models Tiffany Stone just hangin out at the studio (this is how she hangs out, no, really!).

This is the look I’m after but I rented an $8,000. HMI for this.  Wish I still had it.  It was just the one light.  It acts like a main and a fill…I want one.  It’s the biggest HMI that still plugs into a 110 outlet.

It’s still hot hot hot in Michigan and my three air conditioners just aren’t cutting it, glad the landlord pays the electric bill.  All testing is on hold for now and next weekend I have a workshop, hope it cools down.  I’ll have to tell everyone the models will have to wear bathing suits all weekend, I hope they won’t mind.

I still have one spot available (the other three have been taken by former attendees) so if you have some frequent flyer miles you’re just itching to use…

As an added bonus not mentioned on the website; all attendees make a 6’x8′ canvas backdrop to take with them (or mailed to you).  I should get on that but my Dream Weaver skills just aren’t that great yet…

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