Detroit Michigan Lingerie Photography by Mary DuPrie

I’m posting the video in a new way and I see it’s not showing up in emails.  You’ll have to go to photographing models to see it.

I’ve been shooting Lorena for a few years now.  I have to say she’s the only model that makes me blush.  I have to stop because she’s so sexy I start laughing, then she starts laughing.  It goes like that for the whole shoot.  She moves at  the perfect speed for me, not too slow or too fast.   I love how she looks down then pops back up and stares the lens down.

Erick Leskinen and I are still practicing how to videotape during a photoshoot.  I wish I would of had him pan the entire set.  I photographed at this position then had him step in when I was finished.  While he was videotaping I was shooting all around him for off camera images.  This is one of the songs I licensed from Rumblefish.

I worked on my flipping book from flipping-book.com and I was flipping the bird while I was doing it.  I mentioned my trial version kept crashing (eating up my 30 downloads) so I bought it to see if that was the problem.  NOPE.  Still crashing.  Kinda pissed about it.  Had to finally give up and start from scratch.  I’ll see if that helps.  Not happy with it at all.

I’m being the vocal 2%… remember them!?

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1 Matt November 17, 2010 at 8:23 am

great post! she is awesome! I can see what you mean, I think I was blushing too!


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