Where’d Ya Get That

July 27, 2010
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Chelsey,  July 2010 Workshop We ask that a lot in the studio when models show up with cute wardrobe.  Every time Chelsey shows up her suitcase is full of new wardrobe and that fact puts her high on my testing list.  I asked where she got this top and she mentioned the tags were still […]

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July 12, 2010
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Sometimes it pays not to get what you ask for.  I was shooting a comp card with a female model in the left image location.  The location is Birmingham which is a big dog walking community, the shops leave  fancy and fun water bowls on the sidewalks for them.  It’s a beautiful boutique style downtown […]

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Limited Time Only

July 1, 2010
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I realize I’m in a large building with some unusual benefits.  One of the best has been my neighbor down the hall, a high end upholsterer. Yesterday Andrea stopped by after a casting call across the hall.  I shot earlier in the day another model in this chair but when Andrea stopped by I thought […]

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Cool Tips Giveaway

June 8, 2010
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HappeningsI talked with Ron Egatz of for an hour and forty five minutes today for my interview. He was great and said it should be out in a couple of weeks. It’s always interesting to see the writers take on an interview. Years ago I did an interview for a HongKong magazine, it was […]

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Gone Fishin

June 6, 2010
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Normally one item will set me off in a direction and this image is no different.  Pete had the white t-shirt and hat, it reminded me of an Italian fisherman, not sure why?  I went around the studio and found the leather fishing net and the pole.  I bought the net at Big Lots (for […]

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In The Round

June 3, 2010
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I think this set up has high impact for the money and time.  I went to Home Depot and bought a large round cheap light fixture.  You take it apart but leave the wires attached and simply plug it in.  The bulb doesn’t get that hot and the model can touch it.  The power is […]

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My Sweet Little Chair

June 2, 2010
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I love this chair.  I can’t remember where I picked up this little chair, road side pit stop, dumpster dive, loading dock snag, but I know when I spotted it I had sweet love.  The seat has since broken at a workshop a couple of years ago though and is totally missing (not sure what […]

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Look Up

May 31, 2010
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Yesterday I spoke of buying wardrobe at Salvation Army.  Looking through images to write about today I ran into this image.  This image is one of my all time favorites.  It’s  one of my very first outdoor shoots.  I didn’t know anything about lighting outside at all.  I would just show up and have the […]

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