Executive People Photography

January 6, 2011
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Detroit Michigan People Photography by Mary DuPrie Today’s image is from Kelly’s comp card shoot from yesterday.  I think this shot turned out great and will really sell the fact that she could represent a newscaster, executive or professional working women.  Kelly’s hair is a great length for these roles. I’ve often mentioned I don’t […]

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Happy Thanksgiving

November 25, 2010
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Michigan Modeling Photography by Mary DuPrie Spent the day finishing my glamour pricing… yeah me.  It was like delivering a baby, even harder.  I used InDesign and I’m glad I did, looking forward to learning more about the program.  Redoing all my pricing and info for everything I shoot.  I’m  sending out way more info […]

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Small Light Sources Kick My Ass

November 24, 2010
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They’re just hard and not that much fun.  The placement has to be just right and the model doesn’t move much because the zone is so small.  I like movement so I tend not to do them much.  This past weekend with a few attendees there were plenty of helping hands. I had a vision […]

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Making Custom Canvas Backdrops

November 5, 2010

Hand Painted Backgrounds from mary duprie on Vimeo. Rich and Dan painting their own custom canvas background at my last model photography workshop… you gotta watch out for Dan! Model Photography Workshops by Mary DuPrie I’m leaving for Brazil tomorrow.  Full of trepidation.  I’m not really sure why they invited me to speak at their […]

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This Place’s A Mess!

November 3, 2010
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Detroit Michigan Lingerie Photography by Mary DuPrie End of the day from mary duprie on Vimeo. Lorena from yesterdays shoot.  Trying out some new sets.  I brought in my 24″ black satin squares which I hadn’t done before and a new chair from Home Goods (hint hint, 30 day return policy).  I love the extra […]

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Opera Headshots

October 31, 2010
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Detroit Michigan Opera Headshot Photography by Mary DuPrie I photographed Opera Singer Cree Carrico on Thursday.  I’m happy with the way it turned out.  With Opera headshots you have more leeway to go glam.    I still keep the eye makeup fairly light but I do the lighting and background much much more than an actors […]

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Your Thoughts On A New Background DVD

October 3, 2010
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Custom Photography Backgrounds by Mary DuPrie The weather is cooler now and I can start video taping again.  I want to get my thoughts together on making a long overdue DVD on some of my backgrounds.  I’m wondering what you might be interested in. Links would be nice, but remember my filters read links as […]

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