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Double Shadows

July 19, 2010

So I’m still testing the raw sun light look and Andi was nice enough to drop by the studio to help out.  Andi did her own hair and makeup and she did a great job.  She obviously paid attention to Tammy Pore during our first shoot together.  This was Andi’s second shoot ever and she’s […]

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Stripped Bare

July 1, 2010

You just never know what you’re going to get when a new model walks in the door.   I’ve been fooled many times in the past so when I see a new model I don’t form an opinion, the camera decides. I gained this attitude from shooting twins years ago.   Upon first seeing them I decided […]

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June 28, 2010
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Today was the first day I did a “so called” quickie two look shoot.  I wish I could say it was a quickie but it wasn’t and probably never will be.  I priced it as a quickie but didn’t shoot it as a quickie…I guess I’m just not a quickie kind of girl. I just […]

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Model Testing

June 26, 2010
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Todays post is in response to Aurora V Photography inquiring about how I test with models. She mentioned there is not much online, but I do know it’s a hotly debated topic on Model Mayhem. For anyone who cares; I pick out all the images myself, I don’t offer the models choices.  I fully retouch […]

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Beam Of Light

June 7, 2010
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New Feature!This is a new feature of my blog, kinda a real time, what’s going on in my world.  A bit of bragging and what not, so here goes… I’m being interviewed by Ron Egatz of tomorrow.  I hope everything goes great.  I’m kinda curious about the direction the interview will take. My new […]

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Out The Door

June 5, 2010
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We were done shooting for the day and Tiffany was leaving.  She put on this hat and I just had to shoot it.    I went to my wardrobe and found this scarf (one of my old scarves) the sweater and viola, a look.  Red sweaters are some of my favorites to shoot, (Salvation Army $5.) […]

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Michigan Glamour Photography

April 17, 2010
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Bloomfield Hills Portrait Photographers Mary DuPrie The first image of Carly is the most requested makeup that Tammy Pore is asked for from brides and the featured image on her website.  But when she does it like that they want it tweaked, she’s confused.  I mentioned they don’t mean it literally, they just love how […]

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