November 2010

Need To Know Basis

November 30, 2010
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Detroit Michigan Commercial Model Photography by Mary DuPrie It’s been pointed out that is a great resource for on-line training, which it is.  I am a member of Scott Kelbys on-line and have found it to be very valuable.  I tend to watch the entire video, watch again and then follow along.  That’s how […]

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Put It On A Platter

November 29, 2010
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Detroit Michigan Modeling Portfolio Photography by Mary DuPrie I have seen my business change dramatically over the last year.   Almost 100% of my business use to come from within the modeling world or commercial clients.  I hardly ever dealt with the public.  Because of Great Search Engine Optimization by Blake Discher my business is now […]

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I Made A Mom Cry Twice

November 28, 2010
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Detroit Michigan Modeling Portfolio Photography by Mary DuPrie I had my reshoot come back today (the whole jpg raw thing)… made the mom cry again.  She’s a natural, old enough to follow directions, young enough to have fun.   It’s great to see my techniques in action.  At the end of the shoot she’s not […]

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What Did You Like?

November 27, 2010
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Detroit Michigan Lingerie Photography by Mary DuPrie. Ohh la la, my new Adorama book.  I like the horizontal spreads but notice most photographers offer a square format.  I like how I can do long horizontal looks.  The spread is 20″ wide… wow. *** I sometimes forget how a client finds me.    Humm, I thought I […]

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Fussy Wussy Face Hair

November 26, 2010
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Detroit Michigan Modeling Portfolio Photography by Mary DuPrie Andi has such great bone structure and can take very hard light.  Once in awhile though I run into the problem of skimming over a models face which highlights the peach fuzz on the side.  I find it to be an exceptionally hard retouch, to the point […]

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Happy Thanksgiving

November 25, 2010
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Michigan Modeling Photography by Mary DuPrie Spent the day finishing my glamour pricing… yeah me.  It was like delivering a baby, even harder.  I used InDesign and I’m glad I did, looking forward to learning more about the program.  Redoing all my pricing and info for everything I shoot.  I’m  sending out way more info […]

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Small Light Sources Kick My Ass

November 24, 2010
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They’re just hard and not that much fun.  The placement has to be just right and the model doesn’t move much because the zone is so small.  I like movement so I tend not to do them much.  This past weekend with a few attendees there were plenty of helping hands. I had a vision […]

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I Thought I Looked Cool

November 23, 2010
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Model Photography Workshops by Mary DuPrie This was the first setup at last weekends workshop.  A participant wanted to work on hard shadows so we decided to do a double shadow on purpose.  We were inspired by the Anne Fontaine Catalog.  I normally don’t go by anything but I figured why not.  Andi did her […]

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