The Long And Short Of It

October 2, 2010
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Michigan Lingerie Photography by Mary DuPrie So I’m going to assume you follow my blog, (you do, don’t you!?) so you know I’m working on an idea of a 360 degree set.  I want to walk around the model and have her change, or not change, her position on the bed.  I’ve used a lot […]

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Warm And Cool

September 28, 2010
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Michigan Boudoir Photographers Mary DuPrie It’s going to be a short post tonight because I’ve spent the evening Skyping with Aurora! This post is a continuation of yesterdays post.  The image of Lorena above was taken during the same session as below .   I’m working on shooting in the round.  I have my back […]

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Hey, I Got An Expensive Lens

September 27, 2010
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Detroit Michigan Lingerie Photographers Mary DuPrie I haven’t shot Lorena in forever.  It was fun to spend the day with her, she’s always a help during testing.  It’s funny seeing her move things around in her lingerie! I’m still working on my 360 degree idea.  I’m trying to set up the area in a way […]

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When Models Do Their Own Makeup

September 16, 2010
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Michigan People Photographers Mary DuPrie It’s rare to see a face that needs no retouching, but they do exist.  Andi is one of them.  What’s even more unusual is no retouching after they’ve done their own makeup. It’s risky business when a model does her own makeup.  It’s hard after they’ve finished and you don’t […]

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Two Look Test Shoots

September 15, 2010
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Detroit Michigan Portfolio Photographers Mary DuPrie The image of Karolina above could be categorized as a test image.  Fairly simple, not much too it.  It shows an agency what a new model looks like. I’ve mentioned in the past that I shoot models and potential models for the agencies.  During the initial stage of speaking […]

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Window Light

July 21, 2010
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Wow, I’m watching the new reality show Double Exposure while I’m writing this post.  I’m glad I don’t shoot with a partner.  Why they do it I don’t know.  They seem to bitch and argue constantly, it’s draining just to listen to.  It seems everyone puts up with it because they produce beautiful work, but […]

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Showing Too Much

July 18, 2010

I took at look at a website today and it was all over the place (i’ve seen much worse those).   I see photographers that are just starting out that have portfolios that are just too diverse. You can’t be an expert in everything, you can hardly be proficient at one thing when starting out. […]

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I Suck

July 15, 2010
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I was disappointed with  yesterdays testing but answers were right around the corner, or should I say a click away.  I was reading  awhile back about using the Profoto Hardbox on model mayhem,  (yes, I’m kinda a lurker) it finally inspired me to get it.  whoop whoop!  I’m sure it could be duplicated with $5 […]

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